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WoW Classic lunch per decade ago

LoL at people who think they are going to wow classic gold relive the excellent old days.An MMO is equally as fantastic as its participant baseback when WoW Classic came out, the player base were a bunch of nerds who had great taste in games. (and were inventive and content creators).Nowadays, most of those people have moved on with their lives, and now WoW Classic is going to be full of WoW Classic enthusiasts, people who cant let go of the past, along with another mix of personalities. Nothing as diverse and cool as the original WoW Classic lunch per decade ago.I know I’m prob going to get a shit load of hate here. But I truly hope they keep the new character models . I need classic to feel like it did back in the day, but I dont really need the versions. We have like I would enjoy classic with the improved graphics. Idk if they are considering it tho.

PvP rewards and battlegrounds weren’t in WoW Classic from day one. I think until they introduced AV into WoW Classic, we’d 2-3 patches, I can not really recall. Anyways. If they move by it in precisely the same fashion, and maybe wait till stage 2 or ever 3 until they launch the PvP epics (at least) we will have a more natural selection in relation to gear, and folks won’t be able to farm the good PvP pieces from a early phase, just so that they could”exploit” their own power to advancement in raids. It is going to also make it so that people won’t get nuked from PvP in an early point, providing everybody the propper quantity of time to have some gear before the PvP gear becomes released.

The stats should not change simply to cater to the PvE heroes, as it’s supposed to be and they should render WoW Classic. Because, if you (back then) took the time and attempt to farm the most epic PvP set, you (in my mind) deserved to be OP. Months upon months with daily (daily ) farming for hours and hours each day. You are entitled by this to large crits and some heavy duty equipment. And no PvE’er can deny you , just because”It’s far better than the equipment I’m wearing”. Yes, even the PvE advancement takes time . But not in buy classic wow gold exactly the same fashion as the Honor mill did. And back. So why should it matter, if you took the time to farm the Epic PvP set, then you most likely did not have time to raid anyways?

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