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that we have worries however little talk.

Thanks for the upload. Fantastic movie but I thought we’d find a in buy classic wow gold depth talk going. Allowed Tips asked concerning the sharding, loot commerce and right click report as one question, but not talking and giving illustrations what will (or most likely) happen. You say they’re listening to podcasts such as this? Great but all they hear is the same old question(s) and that we have worries however little talk.The only thing we have heared the reason why they want to add this is becuase”it can benefit us both, we do not have to address a lot of tickets such as back in the day and you do not have to wait 3-4 days to your loot”. Am I is nothing else but a problem in their end?

For max lvl 60 raiders with all their guilds/friends set that which you trust, certain but what about lvl 15-60 (instance lvl mounts ) since we understand how enormous part that’s for the immersion and accomplish feeling. Plus equipment is for WoW Classic. Why can’t ActivBlizz understand they will ADD problems. Things that we didn’t have in Vanilla and worked fine without and yet they keep telling us”we would like to provide you an authenitc version of the game”.

I can read this as an open publication if this won’t be adressed. Played 7 mmo’s and know how it goes. The forums decals (and tickets if that will be possible) will be similar to this:Another of those cases, meh ninjad again, I am done doing examples if my friends aren’t on, fun having 3-4 ppl roster against me often, I try tell them but they do not care on and on. If we must have some kind of”sharding” it’ll only be in the starting zone and for a small period of time before it gets more stable. RcR and LT are there all of the time, that is classic wow gold the issue. People will abuse those systems since it is the human nature, sad but true.Common thing I hear is”idiots will still be idiots regardless”. Well add a system that will market and provide those idiots more ground to do their BS? Thank you for reading this.

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