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Urwerk UR-110 EASTWOOD MACASSAR EBONY watch replica

Urwerk men watch Replica UR-110 EASTWOOD MACASSAR EBONY

Urwerk UR-110 EASTWOOD MACASSAR EBONY Replica URWERK has just announced the launch of the UR-105M, which uses four forged aluminum satellites to slowly indicate time around the dial. It comes in two versions: “Iron Knight” and “Black Knight”. The first has a titanium case and a steel bezel, the second has a titanium case and a black AITin-treated (aluminum titanium nitride) steel bezel. The black oversized crown at 12 o’clock controls the winding and time settings. The time display consists of four forged aluminum satellites that rotate around the center of the watch. Each satellite is visible because it completes a rotation every 60 minutes along the minute scale. The hour is displayed at the opening at the bottom of the dial. The running seconds and power reserve indications are displayed laterally on the case strap via the sapphire aperture.
On the back of the case, URWERK calls it the “control panel” and displays an additional display: an oil change indicator to remind you when it is time to repair, a 42-hour power reserve indicator and a timing adjustment screw that allows the rate to be adjusted for maximum accuracy.

The best swiss replica watches retail price is $64,600 and the Black Knight retails $70,300.Martin Frei, co-founder and artistic director of URWERK, explained: “The case of the UR-105M was developed as armor. The visible screws on the bezel not only give the watch a unique aesthetic, but also secure the steel armor. On the titanium body. This shield protects the movement (the core of the watch) from outside aggression. For me, the parallel with the chivalrous image is obvious. You have the power of the baffle armor, creating an invincible feeling.

At this year’s Basel Clock and Watch Jewelry Show, Urwerk will show two new models using UR-110 series products, which use materials that are often invisible, even in the most technologically advanced timepieces. This choice adds to the company’s overall futuristic look and creates a truly unique timekeeping style. UR-110 TTH and AlTin provide very durable tantalum for UR-110 ST. Geneva-based designers have managed to add more improvements to already excellent designs, won the company’s praise, and even won the design prize of the best Geneva Watch Grand Prix in 2011.

Because Baumgartner brothers’products are often used, UR-110 series clocks and watches have very innovative satellite complex functions, displaying the current time in an unusual way. This watch has three rotating modules, which can rotate around the dial and display hours and minutes. The time is displayed on the right side of the dial, and the hour modules (which are always parallel to each other) take turns moving on the horizontal scale and displaying minutes at the same time.

The three-dimensional appearance of the replica watches usa is achieved by rotating the hour module and super large panoramic sapphire glass. The watch is also equipped with day and night indicators, which show when to serve the watch, and a small second hand dial. The unique Urwerk style case is made of titanium. After some general details about the series, let’s get a deeper understanding of the details of the new models presented at the Baselworld 2012 exhibition. The first is called UR-110 TTH, which is a super-strong version of this watch. Its watch ring is made of extremely strong, strong, hard, dense and corrosive tantalum metal. This extraordinary watch ring is also thicker than the regular version (4.1 mm, 1.7 mm thicker than usual), and is fixed to the titanium metal case with six screws. To preserve the specific blue and grey shadows of tantalum, companies from Geneva decided to treat it only with satin polishing and sandblasting. Even crystals are stronger on UR-100 TTH. The armoured version of the watch also uses an etching registration number with a military appearance. Other new versions, called UR-110 ST, also have an interesting ring, which in this case is made of AltiN (titanium aluminium nitride), characterized by increased oxidation resistance and improved strength.

It also enabled the Urwerk designer, led by Martin Frei, to create a special ribbed pattern, further promoting the three-dimensional appearance, while its grooves almost amused the wearer’s feelings. Speaking of the 110 series, Felix Baumgartner, one of the company’s founders, explained that it was very difficult to build it eventually. “There are many urwerk watches challenges, including finding perfect adjustments between the central time of the merry-go-round and the mobile module.

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