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Tunsil has been called the Mut 20 coins

Ramsey is not the player people think he is. Sad!3. Laremy Tunsil, OT, Southern Miss Rebels: Before we really get started, people have been mispronouncing Laremy’s name for years. It’s a soft “L” at the beginning. It’s pronounced like “Jeremy.

“Anyway, Tunsil has been called the Mut 20 coins most plete tackle prospect since Luke Joeckel (who sucks by the way. HUGE pliment there, nerds) and I agree. Unlike Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel and Greg Robinson, Laremy might not be pletely terrible. Congrats, San Diego.

A player who might not be awful is going to protect your new quarterback in cheap Madden 20 coins 2018.As an aside, it’s surprising that the Titans traded out of the first pick. Most (not me) assumed that he’d be a cornerstone for their team, but I guess they developed …**sunglasses emoji**… Tunsillitis.4. Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State: First of all, let me give a special 4/20 shoutout to Bosa. Enjoy it, bruh!

Bosa is going to be a really good player when he’s not suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. If it weren’t for his huge frame (which is surprising given how much Lean he drinks) and unnatural athletic ability, Bosa would be in the Hills of West Virginia on his way to being the next Popcorn Sutton.Good lord. How many prospects are there? This is taking forever. Babe, get me another coffee, please. SB Nation said that they wanted to have all of this done before Wednesday, but I told them “not without my coffee.

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