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Skilling nowadays with Cheap Runescape gold

Dafuq ur on around there were may more bots back then. Each of the bots gather on the very same places in f2p which is the reason why it might look like it should you play with f2p just thats the difference. Also using quiet as an indicator that people are botting is so dumb, folks are watching netflix while skilling nowadays with Cheap Runescape gold a number of screens, I for one never answer and’m getting the bot stamp all the time.

I feel as I might get infected with your autism if I were to actually try to have a conversation with you about this subject because you cant seem to see, at what point did I say all I do is bankskill and what do that have to do osrs gold buying websites with the subject in hand? Its like your head is full of nothing but vacuum you subhuman trash kid.I stopped watching your videos before because they started becoming really creepy and eerie, but this, this is SO GOOD and as a veteran RuneScape player since 2004 I will confirm this is indeed the experience! Please please please please, show the dragon slayer quest battle with Elvarg the dragon!!

What is buddy, your RSN? These comments have me tearing up over here with a renewed wave of nostalgia and fond memories. I have spent 12 long years on RS, and 6 OSRS, and that I do not regret any of it. No additional match was always there for me throughout the worst or best times of my entire life. Something about character coming back along with the weather getting warmer makes me want to play desperately. Sadly, I can’t manage a bond.nothing like buying rune armor to realize u spent your RS allowance and lvled ur def only to have to kill a dragon. The best is when u sell your old equipment hoping to wear stated ministry.

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