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Rs gold Season 5 Announcement is YouTube

Rs gold Season 5 Announcement is YouTube Watched Trailer of 2018

In a move which should surprise no one, RS had the most watched trailer on YouTube. The OSRS Season 5 show trailer garnered almost 50 million YouTube views, which makes it the most watched video game trailer of 2018. discovered the reality of our RS -clogged gaming cells in their own”year in numbers” feature. RS Season 5″worlds collide” began in mid-July. The announce trailer followed on the mysterious rifts that occurred throughout Fortnite in Season 4, and introduced gamers to the new golf cart vehicle.

The subsequent two trailers on their list were also fastest way to make money on runescape
trailers. The trailer had 35 million viewpoints, and 34 million viewpoints were garnered by the Playground Mode trailer. Runescape appears again at the ninth place with 19.5 million viewpoints for the Season 5 combat pass trailer. Other big games like Red Dead Redemption 2 appear, and we visit three trailers from Clash of all Clans/Clash Royale on the list.

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