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re-releasing WoW Classic would be to cash

For players them back it was, but it does not mean that it still is. Get. This. In. Your. Head. wow classic gold will NEVER, EVER, be realized with no motives. There’s zero reason to appeal to casual gamers of this time if WoW Classic was created playing servers that are private and expressing their views to make it official. And those people played servers to with vanilla, aka HOW. So don’t give me this shit about having to.l appeal to today’s casuals. Cause that is possibly since they try to please everyone why WoW Classic is on a decline and makes no sense.

If there is any benefit 9, it depends on. It’s possible that picture changes such as those to water can make it so players may have an easier time viewing different players that are currently trying to slip beneath the surface. (I really don’t have evidence to back this up, I am only listing it as a possibility). Instead, changing the ground clutter might signify that a gnome running around with noggenfogger believes he is concealed when someone with different settings does not see him hidden.If it was purely aesthetic, I’d agree, however there are times when using a slightly different view can affect things. I understand in certain FPS games graphics details flip way down so that I have less mess to see through the grass.

Have you any idea how new the community was back in vanilla that the only real popular mmo before that was everquest vanilla was only full of blizzard having no clue what was happening on id rather have anger rather than the glitchy over tuned mess which was classic.the really point of re-releasing WoW Classic would be to cash in on your(the vanilla participant ) nostalgia, while at precisely the same time make it just appealing enough with for example new images and other minor changes to have people who play retail today and havn’t played vanilla beg t attempt it too without becoming instantly turned from gold in wow classic it.

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