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R.J. Barrett does some of his best work above the rim.

Whether it is in front of a packed gym during an Atlanta tournament or a random weekday home game, R.J. Barrett’s routine is the same. As the announcer introduces him to the crowd, Barrett finds a Montverde teammate for 2k20 mt purchase pregame handshake that ends with Barrett pretending to tighten a tie. If you squint hard enough, it is easy to imagine Barrett doing the exact same thing on the night of the 2019 NBA Draft as he prepares to shake commissioner Adam Silver’s hand.

In some ways, Barrett is a normal teenager, passionate about bacon cheeseburgers who enjoys playing NBA 2K with his friends, and makes the occasional trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. Being the No. 1 ranked player in the country also makes you very much different than his peers. In the last ten years, the top ranked high school player has been a first round NBA draft pick after playing just one year of college ball in all but one instance. Seven players have become lottery picks, showing there is a strong track record of NBA success for players of Barrett’s caliber.

Barrett is modest when asked to describe his game for someone who has not had the opportunity to watch him play.

“Aggressive. I attack and make plays,” Barrett notes. “I can really play anywhere on the court.”

Another way to describe Barrett is polished. Before every game starts, he goes over to shake each referee’s hand. Barrett is constantly communicating to teammates, on one occasion he puts his arm around his teammates during the national anthem, and the entire team follows suit by the end of the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” When you learn that Barrett’s father, Rowan Barrett, is a former professional basketball player, it makes sense that his son appears wise beyond his years. His mother, Kesha, was a star nba2k20 myteam coins the St. John’s track team. Barrett’s godfather is Steve Nash, who he speaks to regularly for advice. Barrett appears different from his peers because he is, and has taken advantage of the opportunities he has been afforded.

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