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His performance on the MLB 19 Stubs

For instance, If I’m the Cubs and I exchange for Yasiel Puig in year, his totals are not split for both groups. It says”Tot” where the group name is in the stats. It should have one because of his performance on the MLB 19 Stubs
Dodgers, two lines of stats, and one for his . This is just one of many statistical shortcomings in this particular game.

Seeing how stat based the match of MLB The Show 19 isalso, I am surprised SDS is not placing an emphasis on more stats from the game.Its very annoying that mlb19 drops soon and we haven’t had any legit footage shown. Franchise and RTTS and I mostly play and stick together with franchise for 25 + years and I need to do. A lot of the features u said I want included and whether they don’t add anything new I will be upset and might just stop buying it.

Literally the only thing I want them to buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs
add is single a teams and I have asked for them for so long I hope they feature these teams later on. Adding these teams would increase the level of realism in not only franchise but road . It’s very uncommon any mlb player whether they are drafted or signed beginning out in dual A MLB The Show 19. The farm system in this game has the capability to be flawless but right now it certainly needs to be reworked.

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