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Origins Astellia is a classic MMO with a twist

LoL, this game was so bad and died a death right received that Astellia Online Asper never caught back. It was never successful and it will never be. Its sad, because we need it to succeed but on the other hand, why would be want to support brain dead brain dammage games? After launch, the things that are new you will see p2w stuff in the cash store. It doesnt even deserve a box price since its core was created entirely p2w- and you cannot fix whats rotten.

If what you can craft isn’t equal to what you’re able to get different ways there is no point. Where a lot of MMO’s screw it up, that is. All you do is exactly what they’ve done an make the stuff that you need come from the areas that fall the identical gear.

Some people today want high value equipment but do not like running exactly the exact same content such as raids and dungeons over an over. You give those folks the capability buy it from in game AH or to get mats and craft that equipment themselves.

Above me said like Elvoc you need to make crafting interactive like they did in EQ2. While it cheap Astellia Online Asper for sale crafts exactly the identical crap repeatedly just placing a number and heading to make a sandwich or watch tv. I really enjoyed the mini game from EQ2 myself and it also allowed for you to receive equipment above the amount of what you were crafting should you timed everything just perfect.

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