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Official relaunch of World of Warcraft

I for one am. Eing dont and optimistic believe they are gonna destroy what we love. But it may be a easier for casuals players. I doni how many friends I attempted to have on a. Private server only to be like this isnt even enjoyable. I feel they might add a few things none of us desire like wow classic gold, if they wana capture some of those individuals.

Blizzard got an opportunity to produce the specs viable. I really don’t need druid, priest, paladin or a shaman to be an dps as a mage or rogue. I want more diversity in both pvp and pve. If a hybrid would do the damage of a real dps class only to 65-70 percent, who’d mind that?

Vanilla wow wasn’t good because every course only had 1 viable specs in end game pve content (expect warrior), but because of the community, the exploration and the course fantasy. I believe there should be changes made in order to perfect the match. For instance: a new spells for such as crusader attack classes or water shield. Little changes that produce a huge impact. Or new sets beneficial.

Then allow me to tell you the reason why it will Should you think adding WoW tokens won’t ruin the market. I know of gamers in desert that is Black which have spent over 300,000$ on the match. Give the choice to players, and they’ll stop at nothing to get an advantage over others. These players can now pay to find all mats needed for their items epic mount.

They can just buy all mats needed for Sulfaras, Hand of Ragnaros – Lionheart – Titanic leggings and much northdale gold wow. They’ll buy out most of consumables available on the market to find an unfair edge in their grind to rank 14. All this will make costs of mats and consumables skyrocket in the marketplace because demand is much greater than supply. This will make it much, much harder for players to progress.

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