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MapleStory M lets you take the adventures

Ok, I know I’ve written about Hayato several times already in the past, but I really, really feel that he’s rather underpowered. His 1v1 skill, Shinsoku, seems fairly underwhelming, even with Hypers considered and even a good piece of funds. In addition, his playstyle seems to MaplestoryM Mesos be lone-wolf like, but he does not appear to be completely equipped for this. In particular, he’s got no bind, silence/seal, or the like to counter things such as Damage Reflect and Cancel Physical Damage. This endangers him worst, frees him at least for most major bosses (Empress, Tough Magnus, to mention two ).

Besides that, I believe that Hayato, for it is current underpowered standing, is quite hard to buff with out becoming overpowered. It is already kind of a bully course early to mid game (Lv. 30-130) in terms KSing possible for his or her mobbing abilities, and his blisteringly fast attacks. If you were to correct the damage%’s of his Sanrenzan, or perhaps add additional attack lines, it makes him overpowered. Perhaps if Shinsoku needed a greater% damage per line, it can help things, but I’d suggest including a bind of some kind to his kit.

Now, skills aside, I also believe there is a much greater reason he does not get as much love from players: his command. Granted, he’s 60% mastery from the very beginning, but that will be it. Other courses get 80% control, keeping their harm comparatively steady. Hayato? His harm jumps about as far as he does. There’s also the issue of his attack multiplier (that is quite hard to adapt in a way that is balanced).

I’m totally lost. I have hit level , but things started going wrong almost instantly. So I’ve got a couple of concerns. I inadvertently put a point into STR, believing there was an”Apply Changes” Button and then that I was able to pull it out. And I don’t have any clue how to get it backagain.But buy Maplestory mobile mesos before I added the extra point, they were already at 5. Did I mess up before I even started? The construct also says I must have set points into magician skills at levels 8 and 9, but I did not become a magician till level 10. I am hoping I didn’t mess that up also.I apologize for not knowing anything, but I truly don’t need to mess up my own first character. This late in the game, I would not say impossible but it’d be quite hard.

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