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made woW Classic will NEVER

“If they could, they probably would restrict us into the addons from vanilla” If you can use Deadly Boss Mods in vanilla then it is going to become stride across all guilds and also you won’t be encouraged if you don’t have it installed. DBM would just turn supervisors into pubstomps.If why do wow classic gold you wish to play with Classic, you would like to utilize new choices new images and addons? Vintage is about the Classic experience*. Not the modern adventure. Perhaps if they tacked the title”remastered” onto it and really remastered everything to fit together I’d be fine with those modifications, but not if they are aspiring to create it like the first Classic.

Have you ever thought about how Blizzard might be doing this to cater to Vanilla gamers AND to others? It could be a pretty bad business plan to just appeal to the”hardcore” crowd. Not forget that others play with it differently In any case, if you are a players of games and appreciate MMO ‘s, then? Plus it is not even associated, it is just that I will be able to observe a more HD edition of textures or some models. Give me one reason that affects you, as a player.Blizzard”we will not be mending most bugs. It’s not worth the time” that this BFA using a level 60 cap will probably be dogshit because of all of the retail fags who are fine with almost any alterations to make WoW Classic easier since they secretly want to ruin classic.

It had been for they are backed by casual players, but it does not mean that it is. Get. This. In. Your. Head. From the vanilla players wanting it to be made woW Classic will NEVER, EVER, be realized with no motives. There is absolutely no reason to appeal to players of this time if WoW Classic was made playing with servers that are personal and expressing their opinions to make it more official. And those people and classic servers played vanilla, aka HOW. So don’t give me this shit about still having to.l cater to the current casuals. Cause that makes no sense and is possibly because they try to please everyone current WoW Classic is on a drop.

It depends on if there’s any benefit. It is possible that it will be made by changes like those to water so players can have an easier time viewing different players which are attempting to sneak below the surface. (I really don’t have proof to back up this, I’m just listing it as a possibility). Instead, changing the floor clutter might signify that a gnome running about with noggenfogger thinks he’s concealed when someone with different configurations doesn’t see him hidden.If it was purely aesthetic, I would agree, but there are times when having a slightly different perspective can affect matters. I know in buy wow classic gold certain FPS games graphics details that are certain flip way down so I have less clutter.

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