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Host separate from Dofus Kamas

In case you’ve enrolled on a host separate from Dofus Kamas that of friends and family, do not stress, a migration service, free, from one host to another will be put up. In the conclusion of the season, you will be able to move your rewards and purchases from the shop to the server of your choice, at no charge. Rewards earned will be linked to your account for a year.

This time, your personality can not be moved given the functioning of this year 2, it wouldn’t be healthy to transfer as many objects generated by the fall. Thus the experience accumulated by your character is going to be transformed into a potion which it is dofus kamas echo possible to assign to the character of your choice on a different Dofus game server so as to earn him this experience contained. This experience can’t be impacted by a multiplier or event incentive, it is going to stay fixed.

All types of components are really powerful and can do enormous damage. This damage is due to a number of his spells that allow him to enhance his power, but also to other people that help him in a role of placer and hindrance. He is among those characters on DOFUS who’ve erosion charms, extremely helpful for weakening his goal

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