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You do in fact want and need

You’re basically Matt Damon from Mars in this game, taking every random thing you can get your hands on it and sciencing the shit out of it to build out your home base and extend your life another few days.Everything from mops and glass bottles to desk fans and coffee pots can be turned into crafting materials which F76 Bottle Caps can then be used to craft new weapons, repair old ones, and add important structures to you base. You have a stash box in Fallout 76 that can, in the game’s current state, hold up to 400 pounds of stuff. Don’t get lazy about scavenging for random objects in the fields and abandoned buildings you happen across until it’s full.Yes, you do in fact want and need all of these tin pitchers and drinking glasses.

While you can auto-scrap the junk you pick up at crafting stations, reducing found objects into useful materials like aluminum and wood, it’s important not to get precious about the rest of the stuff in your inventory either. The first few guns you get will feel like a godsend, but they will almost all be terrible, and more useful in the form of their component parts than as a half-assed bolt-action revolver.

Scrapping everything but the armor you’re wearing, two or three weapons, and their respective ammunition will not only save lots of room in your inventory, it’ll also help you learn recipes to craft the stuff from scratch as you need it. The point of picking up everything isn’t to be a hoarder, but to build up a solid base of materials so whenever you need to cook food, boil water, or fix a weapon that’s actually good you won’t be missing a single piece of whatever pesky resource you need (aluminum, it’s almost always aluminum).

Ever since Fallout 4, Power Armor suits have become a dime a dozen. Fallout 76 continues that trend, spawning new sets throughout the world at regular intervals such that you’ll be up to your ears in T-45 leg plates in no time. While you can’t equip the pieces themselves until certain levels, you can hop into the chassis itself as soon as you find one.While you’ll need to keep it supplied with fresh power cores, being inside one provides a decent bonus to your strength stat and a lot of extra carrying capacity, as well as better protection. It’ll make surviving early run-ins with super mutants easier, and looting buildings a lot faster, so if for whatever reason you don’t already have some, Buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps get some. Here’s a helpful video showing you how to do that in just a few minutes.

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