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Everyone is acting like WoW Classic will be similar

Anyone who is offended over these changes are apes. Everyone is acting like wow classic gold will be similar to the Vanilla experience, saying how it will have a”better community” Wrong: it will have the same neighborhood are retail. Vanilla was only as good along with being youthful, as it had been due to it people first MMO that is actual. I am currently 22 years old, I will never experience something similar to the true Vanilla experience cause I’m brighter and older. Of what was amazing part not knew what was happening but with fun playing. I now understand what to do and how to do it. I don’t see why people are yelling over such alterations, I believe people will get bored after the nostalgia of Classic.

Why do of the WoW Classic players think that WoW Classic will be framed and boxed into this single classic edition? Do you guys realize this is a business and like Jagex done with Runescape oldschool they will add quality of life upgrades and articles and new bosses which aren’t in the vanilla match. Do you really think this WoW Classic will be to have it upgraded or altered and like the WoW Classic you played with years ago? Exactly like runescape 3 WoW Classic will perish and oldschool (classic) will develop into the most popular with frequent updates and hot fixes.

You asked this question,”Honestly I have absolutely no problem with it (colorblind manner etc.) being in WoW Classic. , and I Truly want to share my response here, because my answer to this, is practically the Exact Same to so many questions about weather there should be no adjustments to”Classic World of Warcraft”

I will Attempt to give my opinion on this particular”No Changes” topic, along with your query specifically as well: Each”change” of any kind, yes that is a issue for me. I am sorry for those people who can not play elysium project gold without many new features but they couldn’t play with WoW Classic back in the afternoon as well! With that said,”Vanilla World of Warcraft” back in the day, also didn’t offer these features, and that is how I think it should be again – because that will make it as close to the encounter as possible (nobody understands just how much it will change, and also in that way). That, I just don’t know, why is really tough for Blizzard to know!?

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