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I like how the majority of MLB The Show 19 Stubs the remarks are I am not gont buy it ever again or it seems the sane when it’s not out yet n there’s still a month away from launch date. I’m still gonna buy it I am not to picky when it comes to stuff people are whining about, I enjoy it n that’s what matters. I’ve literally bought EVERY SINGLE MLB THE SHOW SINCE 2005 but I am not buying it , I’m not shelling out $70 for what as far as I’m concerned amounts to a roster update! I am old school I play offline franchise mode and what have they done to enhance it? Not a thing! The programmers Can’t POSSIBLY BE THIS TONE DEAF! Fans such as myself have been SCREAMING FOR YEARS for things which are simple, things like stadium builds or better commentators, even the harder things like getting teams/players out of 90’s-00’s on here as playable guys! It is time I started speaking with my wallet since obviously words mean NOTHING to these so called developers!

I’ve read this earlier from various other folks on the internet, but my argument to this would be, why can it be feasible to Playstation 2, but it’s not possible on Playstation 4? I’m not attempting to be amusing either, that is a legit question. I’m not a game developer so I have no clue what the technical limitations are around the PS4, but when a game such as Red Dead Redemption can be made for that platform, and you might create your own stadium 14 decades ago on a significantly less advanced gaming platform, common sense for me says that there is not any reason this shouldn’t be possible now.I hear ya man. I play is Road into The Display or franchise style. I miss batting practice. True pitch counts. Small things and cartoons which have been eliminated to take away realism. And how about a different World Series celebration for a change! Various commentators are a joy as well.

MLB The Show 19 depends on one thing and one thing only for me personally. . .the hitting. 17 was fine, 18 was just dreadful. Hes saying all the ideal things, but if youve followed MLB The Show 19 you know that he always does and it generally doesnt matter. Ima pick up up on launch date, but my patience will be much, much lower than last year once I made it to June before I got rid of MLB The Show 19. Make the hitting fun and the pleasure players attainable and ill spend I fortune on micro-transactions. Everybody wins. Its not a challenging idea. (as long as I dont need to buy 400 hats to cheap MLB The Show 19 Stubs receive one player. If that’s the situation, im gone).

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