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Enjoying pservers for WoW Classic for many years

I would not call out people for enjoying on a PVE server, since some people like collecting herbs and enjoying with the AH and playing on a PVE server will allow those type of people that the luxury. Having PvP servers only will possess these pver’s complaining and find these QOL changes like having the option to turn on/off pvp. That is what created WoW Classic so good… the ability to perform what you wanted. Not be pigeon holed to what everyone else is gold in wow classic doing.

Your answer was respected by me until I saw you phoning pve players pussies. I play just myself and a hardcore, dedicated, raider. When I am playing a WoW Classic server I do a good deal of pvp battleground myself. I can tell by your attitude you probably think you are really trendy for enjoying on a pvp server or something and makes you better at the game?? Get your head out your ass and quit talking about what other people are doing… hate seeing negative people just like you.

Everything in this post is currently protecting PVE servers because I’ve got an opinion, and you rage on me? You are the person that has to pull your head out of your ass. I have a right to an opinion, because that is my view just like I will call people on RP servers weirdos. Actually. I am not calling the people on RP servers raiders and bad PvPers when I call them weirdos. Its just my OPINION. Anyways, I really do apologize if my OPINION violated you.

If you watch a great deal of the min-max guides, they dismiss abilities entirely because such as they are’situational’ . If you’re not out to juice best for your character you playstyle you like, select whatever role and can do anything you want. I for example am about the immersion: personality and buy nighthaven wow gold. Additionally gotta try dwarf (hunter – pew pew) for the race fantasy. And also an Elf Druid main again simply because Teldrassil is indeed amazing (which has a sense as a pve server anyway).

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