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Community leaders treat 50 children to Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach

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MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Underprivileged children were treated to a day of fine dining in Miami Beach, Saturday. The lunch took place at Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach and was sponsored by The Handfield Firm. Fifty children were given lunch and escorted to the restaurant by police. “It was like, awesome and great,” said Lorah Park Elementary student Yander Martinez. “Awesome because we could see police that were coming with us and, yeah, they went with their motorcycles outside. It was a lot of fun.” The children were ages 8 to 14, and they were alongside business and community leaders. “The school, all of our friends — it’s the best,” said Martinez. Larry Handfield of the Handfield Firm said he recognizes what some of these children see every day. “When they wake up, there’s violence. When they go to school, there’s violence,” said Handfield. “I realize that somebody needs to do something to let them know there’s another part of Miami-Dade County.” Handfield said he wants to give back to a community he’s grown up within. He also wants to show children that it is possible to succeed. “They can be the next whatever they want to be,” said Handfield. “The next superintendent of schools, the next principal, the next doctor, the next dentist, the next engineer. But the only way they can do that is by giving them hope.” While children were excited to hear from leaders, others also made sure to chow down. “Crab, chicken, fries, ice cream” is what a child said they ate for lunch. “I ordered filet minon,” said another student. “It was to die for. It was delicious. It was juicy and well-done, and amazing.” Miami Beach Police also spoke at the lunch, and gifted each child a teddy bear. “I’m very proud of you guys and I know that you guys have been doing wonderful in school,” said an officer. “So it’s important that you guys get a teddy bear that says ‘police’ on it. And I want you to be proud of what we are and what you are.”

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