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Buy Kamagra UK and Enjoy Your Life

When a man grows old, it is very common that he will not be able to enjoy his normal, happy, enjoyable and satisfied love life. But, what if a person who is just 23 years old or 30 years old and not able to get an erection? This condition is called as erectile dysfunction, irrespective of the age of man. Yes, when you are unable to get an erection, that condition is called as erectile dysfunction and there can be many reasons for it and at the same time, it is not necessary that you will have to be of the age of 50 plus or 60 plus to get affected by this medical condition. When the medical sciences started working on this health condition, they made sure that when this condition occurs in men of all age groups, then the medicine should be there for all men who are suffering from ED. For th...

Urban League rolls out plan to transform education in Liberty City

The key to transforming Liberty City is getting parents involved in their kids’ education. That’s the message the Urban League of Greater Miami shared Thursday night at a kickoff event for the We Rise Education Village, a coordinated effort to help neighborhood children do better in school. “We’re talking about transforming the behavior of the entire village, focusing on education,” said T. Willard Fair, the president of the Urban League of Greater Miami. “We believe if the parents get excited about education, then they will excite those children about education. If the children get excited about education, then they will perform better at the school. If they do better at school, the whole village will turn around.” The Urban League has brought together a coalition of nonprofits, churches ...

Black Nurses Association of Miami

Miami Chapter-Black Nurses Association, INC. has established an organization to investigate, define and determine what the healthneeds of African Americans are and implement change to make available to African Americans and other minorities, health care commensurate with that of the larger society. Black Nurses have the understanding, knowledge, interest, concern, and experience to make a significant difference in the health care status of the African American Community.

Urban League Of Miami – Non-Profit

The Urban League of Greater Miami, Inc. is a non-profit community service agency that provides services in our community in employment, childcare, senior citizen services, housing, economic development, training, community service, political advocacy and education. By focusing on families—particularly women with young children and on the advancement of education, we have set a standard for excellence and achievement that pushes others to strive for the best—for themselves, for their children and for their neighborhoods. Our mission is to enable black children to reach their fullest potential and their parents to exercise their rights and assume their responsibilities as adults. Our vision: Every child born in Liberty City shall grow up to be healthy, happy and successful. Achievement Matte...

Mission Born Out Of Madness – Youth Group

Mission Born Out Of Madness (or 'MBOM') is a newly developed Youth Out Reach Program through mentorship by Gun Violence Victim, Antwan Reeves. He has partnered with P-SWAP to provide momentous exposure to diverse life activities to underserved youth.

The Handfield Law Firm

Having tried over 500 jury trials and won over 90% of them, Miami-based criminal defense attorney Larry R. Handfield, Esq. is the epitome of accomplishment​. Because of his overwhelming jury verdict success rate, Handfield has been inducted as one of the ​“Top Trial Lawyers in the Nation.” ​

Wright’s Funeral Home

Wright & Young Funeral Home will take care of grieving families’ needs...and then some. Our funeral home will work to anticipate the needs and wants of families served...and then some. Our funeral home will serve families not only in pre-need and at-need, but in post-need...and then some.

The City of Miami Gardens and Metro- Dade Police

The City of Miami Gardens Police Department is guided by a mission statement that invokes a strong partnership with the community. The Operations Division is the “uniformed, first-responder” division consisting of 4 Captains, 14 Sergeants, 100 officers, and 11 Support Personnel. The division staffs 4-12 hour shifts, each shift commanded by a Captain. This Division responds to over 130,000 calls for service annually. Officers conduct preliminary criminal investigations, plan and coordinate public safety at special events, investigate all vehicle crashes, search for missing persons, respond to life-threatening medical calls, and all other emergency and non-emergency calls. Each Captain is responsible for 3 squads, each squad is supervised by a Sergeant. Officers are assigned to o...

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