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We can make Nexon likely to let cubes and safety

From a business standpoint I have to admit: the possible system’s implementation, and the selling of likely cubes from the Money Shop was a bold yet rewarding move for Nexon. The same is true for all the equipment security such and scrolls. On that same token however, gear update means purchasable from the Money Shop seems to supply a large part of the sales that happen, though I don’t have any numbers to back up this claim Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos.

There have been small changes, like the tier-up system with better chances and cubes falling more frequently, yet there still hasn’t been the change that many players have been on the lookout for. It seems pretty obvious that scrolls and cubes provide too much money for Nexon to look at changing their approach.

Since ideas and change concerning this appear to come so slowly, I thought that perhaps we, the community, could take it into our own hands to brainstorm ideas that may boost Nexon’s income like it would cover the majority of what cubes and other update items would have given them. Obviously it seems ridiculous for us to function as their marketing team, but I don’t see any other options if the company stands firm about keeping this game because”pay-to-win”. Additionally, I haven’t found a way for these thoughts used and not to be abused along with what enhancements and the cubes already provide to get profit.

In any situation, in summary: I think that if we thought about some other significant ways that individuals would be interested in spending money with this sport, we can make Nexon likely to let cubes and safety scrolls to simply be part of the game, and not the Cash Shop. If GMS can’t apply the changes by themselves, they can present the thoughts into the KMS team at a meeting of sorts.

So that individuals do have to spend money to keep their looks the way that they are one of my ideas was to eliminate duration equipment covers entirely. For me, it seems that it had been the intent of the Money Shop! Additionally, an increase in the price of appearance Fusion Anvils in addition to including much more fancy/awesome looking under-leveled equipments in-game would be an extremely welcome change Wikipedia.

People should have the ability to put in time and also be able to produce results by PLAYING THE GAME,” Marcella255. I know”premium facets” as things that are aesthetic-oriented, or time saving; 2x exp coupons double your exp, which means you degree in 1/2 the moment. That is reasonable. If you’ve really played this game for end-game, you would understand how many cubes are needed to even be able to beat up Magnus on normal manner. It’s not realistically possible to do this in game, and as Its2Sharp4U said, there are mechanics associated with damage that aren’t even available outside the Cash Shop.

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