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Urban League Of Miami – Non-Profit

Urban League Of Miami – Non-Profit

The Urban League of Greater Miami, Inc. is a non-profit community service agency that provides services in our community in employment, childcare, senior citizen services, housing, economic development, training, community service, political advocacy and education.

By focusing on families—particularly women with young children and on the advancement of education, we have set a standard for excellence and achievement that pushes others to strive for the best—for themselves, for their children and for their neighborhoods.

Our mission is to enable black children to reach their fullest potential and their parents to exercise their rights and assume their responsibilities as adults. Our vision: Every child born in Liberty City shall grow up to be healthy, happy and successful.

Achievement Matters is a coordinated, intensified and sustained effort to raise the achievement levels of Black Americans and other youth of color within the Miami-Dade Public School system, while strengthening their social skills. The program utilizes a combination of community education, mobilization and advocacy to support youth, and hold public policy makers accountable for delivering services to youth that work.

Students enrolled in the program receive one-on-one instruction, homework assistance, worships, activities and tutorials related to FCAT, SAT and PSAT test preparation. Key areas of focus included parental involvement, life skills training, mentoring, tutoring and cultural enrichment, along with educational and social services designed to improve academic performance and psychological development.


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