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Back on the vast majority of all Rs gold content

I am glad someone introduced me to those videos. I really enjoy these as an”unique” account participant (in the making) myself. I’m going for 30m foundation in most skills besides combats, and I’ll have it on Runescape3 too. I have always admired other gamers who can achieve crazy levels while holding back on the vast majority of all Rs gold

Idk why those’unique’ accounts get as much praise. All that essentially means is it takes them massive amounts of time to accomplish things differently easy for normal accounts. It’s just not healthy. Physically or emotionally. This shit isn’t impressive. It is sad.

Was awaiting OSRS updates considering no one even wants to play runescape accounts
. Not to mention the reality osrs is losing players because the younger generation isnt interested in grinding for a long time to max an accounts despite a mobile version to play.Add additional security along with both measure authenticator to people’s accounts to prevent players from being hacked.

Or just enable for us to save our IP address on the account and if a different IP address attempts to log on, then lock the accounts on the first login attempt. Ridiculous getting hacked even with two step authenticator turned on and all this bout social engineering and forcefully recovering an accounts to hack somebody is just something that shouldn’t happen whatsoever. Individuals will eliminate motivation if this keeps happening. That’s what I am excited about this year, it ain’t much, but hoping for something!?

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