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Urban League rolls out plan to transform education in Liberty City

The key to transforming Liberty City is getting parents involved in their kids’ education. That’s the message the Urban League of Greater Miami shared Thursday night at a kickoff event for the We Rise Education Village, a coordinated effort to help neighborhood children do better in school. “We’re talking about transforming the behavior of the entire village, focusing on education,” said T. Willar...

Why A Miami Middle School Is Teaching Debate To Conquer Common Core

Bridget McKinney, principal at Miami’s Allapattah Middle School, says her students struggle to pass the state’s reading and writing tests. So when McKinney first read the Common Core math and language arts standards used in Florida schools this year, what jumped out was the emphasis on answering questions and making arguments using examples and evidence from what students are reading. Allapattah M...

Always Watch Children And NEVER Leave Them Unattended

Promise....*Always watch Children and NEVER leave them unattended. *Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings *If a child is missing CHECK POOL FIRST*Install a fence of at least 4 feet around perimeter of the pool or spa. #NotOneMoreDrowning #PSWAP

Channel 10: Free swim program offered to children in Opa-locka, Liberty City

OPA-LOCKA, Fla. – Six hundred children in Opa-locka and Liberty City are learning to swim for free at Shebondy Park and Bannerman Pool. PSWAP’s Learning to Swim program started in 2016 and has 600 children registered for a six-week swimming program, according to Bridget McKinney, the coordinator of the Learning to Swim program. “Because we can educate our parents, train our kids ...

Child Safety Learn To Swim Program

Click Here To Register Your Kids! For Swim lessons for youth ages 1- 14 years! We Emphasize on Water Safety and Proper Water Skills. Perfect for hesitant swimmers. Life-Jacket for each successful completion of swim course. We also focus on the Preventative safety measure courses for parents to protect child during recreational water activities. Personalize swim lessons for each youth between the...

How to Pay Your Nonprofit’s Staff

Last week we looked at some key points regarding nonprofit executive compensation . This week, we want to take a closer look at best practices for paying everyone else your organization employs. Payroll for nonprofits is a complex issue already. Certain rules and exceptions apply that are different than what applies to for-profit payrolls. As if that complication isn’t bad enough, many nonprofits ...

Why Entrepreneurs Are Flocking to South Florida to Start Companies

It wasn’t long after Brad Saft, a lifelong New Yorker, launched his education-focused startup in the Northeast that he found his attention drifting south. After several trips to South Florida, he became enamored with the sunshine, lifestyle, and the comparatively lower cost of living. He soon moved his business, EverBright Media, to West Palm Beach. Saft found more than pristine beaches and ...

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