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Anthony Davis gets a 94 overall rating

Paul George [Oklahoma City Thunder]: 89 overall. George’s numbers are dropping two points heading into NBA 2K19, but he’ll still be a very important asset buy 2k20 mt his team. George’s shooting stats fell off a bit this past year, so that may be the reason for the downward shift. That being said, this is a very capable athlete who could easily get back to 91 with a few months of solid performances.

Paul George’s player rating has dropped a couple points heading into ‘NBA 2K19.’

Kemba Walker [Charlotte Hornets]: 86 overall. Walker is up one point from where he ended up in the last roster upadte for 2K18, but some still feel this player rating is a bit of an injustice considering several rookies have higher stats. That’s a tough break for an athlete who’s had around 200 20-point games and just smashed a franchise record for free throws. Hopefully skillful play can bring that number up a little higher as the season goes on.

Kemba Walker has an overall rating of 86 in ‘NBA 2K19,’ but some say it should be higher.

Damian Lillard [Portland Trail Blazers]: 90 overall. Damian Lillard joins the 90-rating club up one point from his starter rating in NBA 2K18. This is a pretty agreeable rating for a player who was selected for the All-NBA First Team last year. Some might say he’s mt coins 2k20 bit low compared to the rookies, but he’ll still wreck shop on your roster.

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