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actually enhance MLB The Show 19

That is a big NO from me, maintaining them two separate modes is smart since attracts players that are casual and hardcore players. Of course, going through a complete season playing every sport is just humanly imposible if you want to play the 9 innings, but there are some of us out there that enjoy the experience of picking a group and taking from the worst in MLB The Show 19 Stubs into MLB winners. Imo upgrading franchise mode whilst keeping this new manner as a trial is good, however, to me it’s also smarter to make updated rosters for a year, meaning they won’t have to work on a game that’ll be published in a one year span, but three years seem reasonable and permits SDS to actually enhance MLB The Show 19 and with that work they put into The show it will be great.

I play with franchise mode 90% of the time, its the reason I purchase MLB The Show 19, it could also be why I wont be buying this years. I dont want to play 162 games a season, I like you try to play 1 match from each string or a single against division rivals. I like the element of handling the players, trading players and building a farm system. I get through a season just fine. 2K sports is doing this right now and is way ahead of mlb and nhl games.I wont be drama MOT in any way, dont seem to interest me. Perhaps a new game every 2 years with patches and updates in between is the way to go. This is simply a cash grab at this point.For MLB The Show 19 purists,franchise style as now constructed the only way to go. I perform my teams whole schedule everyday. The full 45 to 60 minutes,do not care how long.March to October is merely a gimmick.Should this been the standard then I’m out of here. Every other manner except franchise is just a gimmick.

I enjoy franchise mode the way it is. Maybe mixing in the option of march to october features inside. However, I play Franchise through numerous seasons. Many of them. But doing the off season stuff and rolling into the following season. Building group, transactions, free agencey, contracts, etc.. . Also Trying to receive my players to get or conquer records, etc.. . So I dont want to lose franchise. I’d like to see it upgraded a bit with more features, more in game personalisation. Park responses, on subject personalities, guest commentary. More realistic additions. I am a fan of the franchise. Also maybe add a little more narrative line cut scenes for it like NBA 2K. Or Live. They 100% definitely need to do this with RTTS… This should’ve been done a few years back. Such as the NBA Games have been performing…

I play franchise mode much like yourself. Seasons take me a very long time to  get through but building a franchise through the draft and FA is exactly what I like most. I typically make two distinct franchises though, one being a rebuild team and another being a team that’s near contention for the playoffs in the initial year. I either make transactions to put them over the top or Buy MLB 19 Stubs a created player that impacts a team, like a 2018 Ronald Acuna Jr or 2017 Aaron Judge. I would prefer them to add all the bells and whistles to franchise mode will making the”March to October” feature an add on option that the user can turn on or off at any point.

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